When God Seems Silent: A Good Friday Reflection

In Shusaku Endo’s famous novel Silence, two Portuguese priests are sent as missionaries to Japan. The year is 1637, and the Japanese church is struggling under the weight of religious persecution. These priests want to encourage the fledgling flock, so they give their lives to a dangerous voyage and the possibility of martyrdom. 

When they […]

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Holy Week at Home: Good Friday Resources

Each week, the Evergreen Project Team is publishing a Resource Roundup for Ministry in a Pandemic. Earlier this week, in our Resource Roundup we included a number of Holy Week & Easter Resources—articles, websites, and other resources.

Today, we want to focus specifically on Good Friday resources. It seems like Good Friday is actually more well-suited to digital […]

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Good Friday: A Collect Reflection

Good Friday

Almighty God, we pray you graciously to behold this your family, for whom our Lord Jesus Christ was willing to be betrayed, and given into the hands of sinners, and to suffer death upon the cross; who now lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

Asking God

Every collect makes a request. […]

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Holy Week: A Rookie Anglican Guide

Starting on Palm Sunday, we embark on what’s known as “Holy Week.”

As I put it in my overview of the Church calendar and the Christian liturgical year,

The last week of Lent, Holy Week, remembers the last week of Christ’s earthly life, beginning with Palm Sunday’s commemoration of Jesus’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem (Matt 21:1-11).

So, put simply, Holy Week is […]

I’m not an Anglican During Holy Week

I love being an Anglican Christian. This Communion is my home, these are the people I’m called to serve with, and I’m thankful for the beauty of this tradition.

But during Holy Week, I’m not an Anglican. I’m not a Baptist either. Or a Presbyterian. Or a Roman Catholic.

Maundy Thursday

On Maundy Thursday, my feet are being washed, and I’m washing feet. There […]

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Holy Week and the Cross of Christ: Notes and Quotes

Here is a small collection of quotes and comments about the Cross and Holy Week that I have collected over the years. They are sermon starters, devotional nudges, and deep expressions of our faith and love of Jesus Christ and the Cross He endured. May the Lord richly bless you all in the Holy Week. 

I am praying with and for […]

Praying Good Friday Over My Family

‘There’s no excuse for not praying for your wife and children every single day.’ I’ll never forget this exhortation my spiritual director gave me several years ago. I already knew the importance of praying for my family, but I needed someone to awaken my heart to this crucial calling of prayer as a father. Ever since, I’ve sought to practice, […]

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Good Friday: Do We Still Need A Sacrifice?

Tonight we will gather in the bare church, with the starkness of the cross, veiled in black. Alone. Dark.

And we will talk of the sacrifice of God. Jesus died on the cross for my sins.

Why would God enter our world, be a human, and then allow us to kill him? It really sounds barbaric to many ears today.

Why the need […]

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Good Friday and the Language of Sacrifice

Shouldn’t it be called “Bad” Friday?

It was a horrible thing that we human beings killed our own creator. He came to us in lowly form, as a poor baby in a manger. He taught, he healed, he preached, he loved, he forgave. And not in spite his grace and love, but because of it, we could not […]

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