I Don’t Want a Celebration of Life, I Want a Burial Service

When I die, please don’t call my burial service a Celebration of Life. Don’t get me wrong, I hope that people will want to celebrate my life. I just don’t want this to replace my Christian burial.

I want to be buried according to the rites of a Christian. I want to be one more brother in Christ, saved by grace, […]

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Thank you Bishop, and Good-bye

6576105Ten years ago Fran and I flew to Orlando to say some words to my former bishop, Donis Patterson.  We had not been friends, but when I had heard that his health was failing I felt we had to go to see him. To thank him.

In 1985 he appointed me as ‘Missioner’ of the diocese and […]

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Receiving Love in Loss

On Trinity Sunday this year, I did not have the strength to lead worship. I needed to be present with my wife and children to grieve and rest. This May brought unexpected heartbreak, a shock we were not prepared following the anticipation of new life we had entering the spring.

This past March I came to Apostles on an ordinary Lenten Sunday with […]

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