For the Beauty of The Year: The Liturgical Calendar

Our culture has its own calendar for the next month or so. We can mark off these days: Door-busters, Black Friday, Parties, Winter breaks, Holiday cheer, Family dinners (and political arguments) and ending with a Ball-dropping champagne toast. That is the liturgy of the world at the end of a year. But what about the Liturgical Calendar?

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The Processional in Anglican Worship

We are used to community parades, graduation processions, and wedding processions. Not everyone is used to a procession in worship at church.

However, even though many modern churches or traditions don’t process anymore, it is an ancient and important Christian practice.  In many Anglican churches, as the worship is starting, the ministers process to the front of the church, following the […]

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Ash Wednesday: Are You Really Only Dust in the Wind?

On Ash Wednesday, clergy around the world will draw a cross-shaped smudge of dark black ashes on the foreheads of millions of people. It is the ancient rite of The Imposition of Ashes which signals the start of Lent. The words that accompany the ‘imposition’ on Ash Wednesday are simple, sober, and true.  Over the years I have said them to […]

Baptism Creates International Incident

A surprise baptism at the original site of the Lord’s baptism  (Mark 1) created an international incident yesterday…and a glimpse of the age to come.  Here is what happened.

I am leading a tour of 30 adults through the Holy Land. Our bus pulled up to the newly renovated site commemorating the Lord’s baptism by John.  It is also the place where Joshua […]

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Common Prayer: The Origin Story

Author and theologian J. I. Packer says of the Book of Common Prayer’s influence on the British people, “Long before the age of fish and chips, the Book of Common Prayer was the Great British invention, nurturing all sorts and conditions of Englishmen and holding the church together with remarkable effectiveness.”

Before the Book of Common Prayer, the prayers and worship […]

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