The Story of Our Hymns: “Abide with Me” by Henry Francis Lyte

This is the first of a series on sacred hymns, the story behind them, their text, a recording, and a simple companion devotional. “Many a man who has labored in obscure places, practically unnoticed and un-praised by his own generation, has achieved a fame after his death that grows in magnitude with the passing years,” E. E. Ryden says of [...]

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Looking for Excellent Christian Music for Children? A Review of “All Creatures” by Rain for Roots

All creating is a work of collaboration. We see this in our triune God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) who made this world and all the heavens at first out of nothing, but then out of things he already created: people, created out of dust of the earth; seas, created out of expanses of water gathered into sections; fruit, coming [...]

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Let’s Worship Him Together ¡Adoremos Juntos!

One of our most powerful weapons against COVID-19 and all the fear that surrounds it is worship. Today, Easter Sunday, we are releasing a new, bilingual song as part of the #EstamosJuntos (#We'reTogether) campaign that Caminemos Juntos has been leading in the Latino Anglican community. The song—written in Argentina by Caminemos Juntos songwriters from the US, Mexico and Argentina, translated [...]

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Told the Devil That I’m Going on a Strike: Kanye West for All Saints’ Day

“We could call ‘halfway believers’ Only halfway read Ephesians Only if they knew what I knew I was never new till I knew of True and living God, Yeshua The true and living God Somebody pray for me.” Since last week, I’ve been listening to Kanye West’s new album Jesus is King and not just enjoying it, but finding myself [...]

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Music and Art for Holy Week

We'd like to share some music and artwork recommendations for Holy Week. If you have other suggestions, please let us know in the comments below! Music for Holy Week Music for Holy Week and Easter (Gramophone) Music for Holy Week: A Specialist's Guide (Gramophone) Music for Easter & Holy Week: Classical Music Compilation (Youtube) Songs for Holy Week (Calvin Institute [...]

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Chanting the Psalter in Plainsong, Part 2: Practice Makes Perfect

In Part 1, we discussed how to navigate the unfamiliar waters of choosing and using a plainsong psalter (including the pros and cons of Saint Dunstan's Plainsong Psalter and the Nashotah House Plainsong Psalter), and how to know how the match the text of a pointed Psalm to the music written in the Psalm Tone. In his "Ode on a Grecian Urn," John [...]

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Chanting the Psalter in Plainsong, pt. 1: How to Read a Psalm Tone

You might not know it from the contemporary practice of church music, but God’s people have chanted the Psalms for centuries. Some Psalm tones (the melodic patterns  used for every verse of the Psalm) trace back to first-century synagogues. There is even evidence to suggest that particular Psalm Tones have long been associated with particular Psalms since their use in [...]

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Why Do We Worship The Way We Do? – by Gerald R. McDermott

As Anglicans, we use various forms of ancient worship called “liturgical.”  This is the major thing that distinguishes us from “low” churches that do not have a traditional liturgy. Liturgy: The Work of the People Liturgy comes from a Greek word which means “the work of the people.” In this ancient custom of worship, we become as a group of [...]

Waiting Songs for Children in Lent: An Interview with Sandra McCracken and Flo Oakes

Rain for Roots is a collaborative project of Nashville singer-songwriters Sandra McCracken, Flo Oakes, and Katy Bowser. Waiting Songs is their third album for children and is an album for Advent. But with songs on it like, “Come Light Out Hearts,” which repeats “For you, Oh Lord, Our Souls in Stillness Wait” or titles like “Every Valley (It’s Hard to [...]

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Music for the Daily Office

About midway through my sabbatical, I began a small project that was completely unplanned. I began assembling resources to pray the Daily Offices using the catalogue of albums available on Apple Music. The project began as a result of trying to find my way through a season of dryness with the Daily Office (more on that in a future post). [...]

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