There is a rather common saying that the Book of Common Prayer is composed of 85% bible passages. It is true. As J.I. Packer once said, “The Book of Common Prayer” is the Bible arranged for worship. I like that.

(To learn more about the Book of Common Prayer, read our Rookie Anglican Guide.)

On a social media platform, one priest in the ACNA was looking for an example of a Eucharist that had been cross-referenced to Scripture. I’ve always called that an “Annotated Eucharist.” I have one from my time as the Rector of Christ Church in Plano, Texas. You can download the PDF below.

I believe that this edition was developed by the Rev. Jason Bowman, a priest on my staff. It is Eucharistic Prayer A from the Book of Common Prayer (1979). It was our custom to use this exact service outline during the Season of Lent. It draws attention to the entire biblical narrative.

Here are a few comments about this version.

  1. Some of the choices of biblical references are subjective. There are many possible linkages.
  2. These references give credence to the notion that the Scriptures are an integrated whole whose storylines all lead to our Lord Jesus.
  3. This is from the BCP 1979, it would be a real service to the Anglican congregations and leaders if someone would do this for some of the Eucharistic prayers of the 2019 BCP.

I hope this resource will help all Christians to see the connection between the life of liturgical worship and the story of the Bible.

(If anyone has an Annotated Eucharist for the ACNA 2019 BCP, please let us know in the comments below!)