Here’s How You Can Help a New Anglican

“You communicate it so clearly, it’s easy for anyone to understand, even if they weren’t always liturgical.” I remember walking into an Anglican church plant for the first time. I had so many questions! Why did they use a book of prayers? Why did the clergy wear a collar? What did the various colors mean? Where did this liturgy come [...]

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We Need Your Help to Build Anglican Compass!

We are asking our readers to give a monthly gift to help us continue this ministry and mission. Your gift of $5, $10, or $25 per month will directly support our team in serving new Anglicans, pastors, and leaders.  As a thank you, we’ll send you the devotional eBook, 30 Days with the Liturgy of Holy Communion by Greg Goebel. [...]

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Why Does Anglican Compass Critique the Anglican Church in North America?

Anglican Compass is led by priests in the Anglican Church in North America. But we are not an official publishing arm of the ACNA. Recently, the ACNA asked us to help provide resources for ministry in a time of pandemic, which we are happy to do. Yet we remain unofficial. Our mission is to come alongside the ACNA, and other [...]

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