Embracing Solitude in a Season of Social Distancing

For many of us words like “silence and solitude” are strange and even a little scary. Whether we like it or not, we all will have to embrace some degree of solitude in the coming weeks due to the coronavirus. For many, this will extremely difficult, but for others, this will be a gift of grace to go deeper in […]

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Help East African Leaders Visit the Holy Land

I’ve enjoyed leading study tours to the Holy Land for over 30 years, but I’ve always had a special interest in helping future Christian leaders make their first visit to the place where Jesus’s ministry happened. How powerful it can be for preachers to have their visual imaginations stirred by seeing the places where Jesus himself preached!

In recent years, I’ve […]

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Clarity, Charity, and Coronavirus: A Letter from the Editors

Greg Goebel and Joshua Steele collaborated on the following piece.

We’ve clarified what clarity and charity look like when it comes to navigating the Anglican tradition, but what do these Anglican Compass values look like when navigating the global Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic? If you’re a church leader, how do you balance the concerns for public safety, fellowship, […]

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Your Church and Coronavirus: Ten Suggestions (UPDATED)

It is upon us. Both the COVID-19 coronavirus and the fear of it have descended upon the world—and upon our nation. The unprecedented decisions to limit travel into the United States will send shock waves all over the globe.

At the time of this writing, tens of thousands of people are symptomatic and several thousand have died. It is a terrible […]

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We’re Expanding Anglican Pastor into a New Family of Resources Called Anglican Compass!

Announcing Anglican Compass: Your Guide to Anglican Life!

In order to better meet the needs of our growing audience, we are expanding Anglican Pastor into a new family of resources called Anglican Compass.

We’re not losing anything in this transition, we’re expanding!

  • Anglican Pastor will continue to exist as our “For Pastors” channel of Anglican Compass.
  • […]

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REVISED: Coronavirus and Your Church: 10 Suggestions

It is upon us. Both the COVID-19 coronavirus and the fear of it have descended upon the world—and soon upon our nation. The unprecedented decisions to limit travel into the United States will send shock waves all over the globe.

At the time of this writing, tens of thousands of people are symptomatic and several thousand have died. It is a […]

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What the Church Needs to Know About Sexual Abuse

Approximately one in four girls and one in six boys suffer abuse in their lifetimes. This means that, as we look out into our congregations, it is likely many have experienced this brokenness—and may even be currently experiencing it as we minister.

If you have a congregation of 100, then approximately 25 women and 17 men have experienced it. And […]

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Unnatural Cravings: A Lenten Reflection

Learning to Love Lent

The very first time I gave anything up for Lent, I did it with a desperate heart: not sure what I needed, not sure what I wanted, and not sure what the whole thing was about anyway. I was raising and homeschooling three growing children, teaching literature at my homeschool co-op, running 30+ miles a week, and […]

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Readings for Pastors on Race in America

Serving in Christian ministry in America requires a knowledge of the racial history and current reality of our context. We need to understand how people are affected by our racial history and present struggles, especially through the African American experience.

I’ve found the following books to be helpful to me for understanding perspectives on race and society. There are many […]

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Living in Liturgy: My Anglican Journey

We first enter through the bright red doors of an Anglican church, a preteen and two teenagers in tow. Questions permeate my thoughts, how will our children endure this shift, especially at this stage of their spiritual development? Is this even the right choice for our family?

We have all grown up within the church; however, never exposed to liturgical worship. […]

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How to Teach Like an Anglican: Developing a Distinctly Anglican Pedagogy

I suspect we can all readily articulate what it means to worship like an Anglican, to pray like an Anglican, and to read the Bible like an Anglican. But how much have we thought about what it might look like to teach like an Anglican?

Conversations about the teaching ministry of the church tend to focus on the content of what […]

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My Anglican Journey: Burnout and Hope

There’s a movement happening—a movement of followers of Jesus rediscovering ancient forms of worship in a way that ignites fresh love and zeal for Jesus and His Church. Robert Webber described this movement more than thirty years ago in his book Evangelicals on the Canterbury Trail. In the thirty years since Webber released his book, more and more Christians […]

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How Do We Know If Our Experiences of God Are Real or Not? Lessons from Jonathan Edwards

How do we know if our experiences of God are real or not? If we thought that we, or our congregations, were experiencing revival, or renewal, how would we discern if it was really from the Holy Spirit? What would be happening? What wouldn’t be happening?

If we pray for God’s work in our own hearts, and in the lives of […]

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When Giving Keeps on Giving! Generosity Can Make a Difference for Decades

I met Herb at breakfast in 1992.

He and I were newly elected members of a national board and met for the first time the day before. At breakfast the next morning, I walked right by Herb carrying my plate filled with bacon, eggs, and my morning coffee.

“David, join me!” Herb called out to me as I walked by him.

Okay…” I […]

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How to Provide the Sacrament of Family to Single People

In the face of senseless suffering, it’s easy to doubt that God exists. Family is a sacrament that could make all the difference. But what happens when someone lacks the sacrament of family?

Whether in the form of a miscarriage, suicide, divorce, terminal illness, sexual abuse, job loss, or the slow revelation of the everyday brokenness that cohabitates each of […]

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What NOT to Get Your Rector (Or Their Spouse) for Christmas!

I have been having fun writing about some gift ideas for Rectors and their Spouses. I served as a Rector for over 30 years and spend a lot of time now with Rectors and their families.

I know that many laypeople want to get the Rector and their Spouse a gift for Christmas to show their love and appreciation. […]

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What Your Rector’s Spouse Wants For Christmas

Earlier, I wrote a post about What Your Rector Wants For Christmas. I love Rectors and have the good fortune to spend time with, teach, coach, and encourage lots of Rectors around the Anglican Church in North America.

But I don’t just love Rectors. I also love their families! The role of a Rector is unique. So is the role of […]

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Thank You for a Wonderful Year!

Dear Readers,

At the end of this amazing year, I want to thank our Managing Editor, the Rev. Joshua Steele, for a terrific ministry overseeing the day-to-day work of Anglican Pastor. He has helped our blog “step up” to the tremendous opportunity that we have to speak words of clarity and charity about the Gospel […]

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What They Are Saying about “A Thrill of Hope” by Ashley Wallace!

The following is Tai French’s review of A Thrill of Hope: Celebrating Advent at Home by Ashley Wallace.

If you, like Tai, enjoy A Thrill of Hope, would you please leave a 5-star review on Amazon? It’s the best, easiest way to get the word out about the book!

A brief and delightful read, A Thrill of […]

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Told the Devil That I’m Going on a Strike: Kanye West for All Saints’ Day

“We could call ‘halfway believers’
Only halfway read Ephesians
Only if they knew what I knew
I was never new till I knew of
True and living God, Yeshua
The true and living God
Somebody pray for me.”

Since last week, I’ve been listening to Kanye West’s new album Jesus is King and not just enjoying it, but finding myself inspired by it.

This is an album that […]

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Baking the Body: How to Make Homemade Communion Bread for Your Church

For the past ten years, I’ve been making homemade Communion bread from the same handwritten recipe on a molasses-stained scrap of yellow legal pad. This recipe is now shared among a team of volunteer bread bakers in my small church plant, who follow it each week to bring homemade loaves to our Communion table.

While I’ve got absolutely nothing against Communion […]

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Don’t Ignore These Important Trends in Church Giving and Attendance

Recently, I presented a webinar on general trends in attendance and generosity across the United States and Canada for clergy and vestry / lay leadership. The webinar was part of the ongoing training related to the The Evergreen Project and our Fall Program – The Joy of Giving Up.

Rooted in […]

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John 17 Really Bugs Me: Church Unity and the Lack Thereof

Slightly edited from a sermon I recently preached at Church of the Savior in Wheaton, IL.

There are just some passages of the Bible that you can’t get away from.

Sometimes it’s because a passage is particularly inspiring, encouraging, or comforting. Think Psalm 23.

Other times, it’s because the passage really bugs you.

And I’ll confess that our Gospel lesson, John 17:20–26, […]

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An Anglican Pastor’s Letter to His Congregation After the Dayton and El Paso Shootings

Editor’s Note: The following letter was written by Fr. Shawn McCain to his congregation, Resurrection Anglican Church in Austin, TX. It originally appeared on the church’s website. With Shawn’s permission, we’re sharing it with you as we pray together for justice and peace.

Rez family,

We are all still reeling from mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton. […]

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