The Anglican Ordination Process: A Rookie Anglican Guide

So you’re thinking about ordained ministry in this or that Anglican community. (If you need guidance on the question, check out this article.) Maybe you’re already ordained in some other denomination. Maybe you’ve been serving in ministry for years but as a layperson (that was my experience).

What are some of the general guidelines and things to take into account […]

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¿Presbíteros o Sacerdotes? Una Introducción al Liderazgo y Ordenación Anglicana

“Pastor Anglicano” is a collaboration between Anglican Pastor and Caminemos Juntos to deliver translated and original content in Spanish.

The English original of the following piece is: Anglican Pastors vs. Priests? An Introduction to Anglican Holy Orders, by Duane Miller. Note that edits have been made to the translation for Latin American contextual reasons.

He sido […]

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Anglican Pastors vs. Priests? An Introduction to Anglican Holy Orders

I have been a full-time Anglican minister since 2005 when my wife and I moved to the Middle East as cross-cultural workers (i.e., missionaries). However, I was not ordained to the diaconate until 2017, and to the priesthood in 2018.

From 2005–2017, I was involved in ministries of evangelism, discipleship and teaching, first in the Middle East and then in the […]

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Should You Seek Life in the Ministry?

Actually, let me make my purpose clear: you should consider life in the ministry.

Being an Anglican, my assumption is that you will be thoroughly vetted: various discernment committees, a whole string of approvals and mentoring from your Bishop and your Rector, seminary, psychological exams and ordination exams.

The fact is, one does not ordain oneself. The burden of sensing a call […]

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A Year of First Blessings

070So, you now know the origin of this blog title: First Blessing. It is also traditional that first blessings are too special to be restricted to one day; the new priest gives first blessings for an entire year. So, I have set my heart and hand to writing these public reflections of […]

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