Maundy Thursday: Blessed Humility

Tonight is about humility. The humility of Jesus, the Master and Lord who was a servant.

By living among us as one of us. By allowing himself to be sacrificed for our sins. By washing feet.

And he says that humility is the “full extent of his love.”

Judas was probably embarrassed.  Everyone was surprised.

Peter was shocked.  As usual, he reacted immediately!

He tried to stop Jesus!

It’s […]

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Sacramental Theology

Sacramental theology centers on the belief that God uses his creation to communicate his grace to his people. During the Reformation and what has come to be called the “Settlement,” the Church of England ended up retaining the notion of the Sacred and of the grace of God being communicated or given to people through elements of his […]

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What do Anglicans Believe about Holy Baptism?

All Christians, and not just Anglicans, should trust their baptism. That is, if they believe that Baptism is something God does in and for us, and not something we do. And that is exactly how the early Church and the Reformers saw this sacrament!

God brings people to the water of baptism. He sends his Holy Spirit into their lives through […]

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After Communion…then what? The Post-communion Prayer, Blessing, and Dismissal

What is the result of worship?  What happens when a worshipper approaches God with faith in Christ and receives from him in Word and Sacrament?

Anglicans believe that the experience of worshiping has a transformative effect on the worshipper. The people of God are changed as they spend time in the presence of God together.   […]

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Infant Baptism: Why do Anglicans Baptize Babies?

Why baptize infants?

The Anglican theme verse for children would have to be “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.” Starting very early in the life of the Christian Church, Christian children were seen as members of the covenant community of faith. Just as Israel brought their sons […]

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Mystery and The Mundane

Worship is something that people do, and in doing worship people experience it. In experiencing worship, people are profoundly changed. The exact way God works through the experience of worship is a mystery. It is a mystery because it is something that is experienced by the whole self, rather than simply learned cognitively by the mind or […]

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How to Read Scripture

In the Parable of the Talents, Jesus pictures God investing in us.  The investments are gifts of his grace that empower us to bear fruit for his kingdom.  One of those great gifts we enjoy is the wide accessibility of the Bible in English, with high literacy rates, and the ability of pastors to be educated in the languages and […]

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Prayers of the People


The Prayers of the People is the moment in which the participation of all of the people in worship is very visible.  These prayers are generally led by lay ministers, and are reflective of the range of prayer concerns given to us in Scripture and of the beautiful variety of expression in prayer.  We pray for […]

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