Five Ways to Help Houston


Are you on the dry earth right now? Most of us are. But we cannot imagine the impact of Harvey.  As much as the media has covered it, our minds cannot take it in.  To help us truly fathom it, experts set up mind-blowing comparisons.  Here are a few.

  • Harvey has dumped trillions of gallons of water onto the city — enough to fill the Great Salt Lake twice over.
  • Harvey dumped enough water on Texas to fill up the Empire State building over 33,000 times.
  • It a few days, Harvey drenched the Houston region with enough water to fill an Olympic size swimming pool…fourteen million times.
  • If you took the entire amount of rain from Harvey and spread it over the 48 contiguous United States, it would create a pool of water roughly .17 inches deep (about three pennies).
  • All the water that fell on Houston would make the water level of Lake Superior rise 3 feet.

It is truly unbelievable.


But most of the work is ahead for the strong Houstonians.  Many pastors will remember the long, long efforts our churches made to help the congregations and people of New Orleans 12 years ago.  Christ Church sent well over 20 mission teams to assist in local efforts. Houston will need that same kind of long-term, sustained help.

Here are five ways that your church can help starting now.

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David Roseberry

David Roseberry leads the nonprofit ministry, LeaderWorks. He was the founding rector of Christ Church, Plano, Texas, and is the author of many books. He lives in Plano with his wife, Fran.

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