You’re interested in Anglicanism for the sake of the church.

After all, Anglicanism (the branch of the church that traces its origins to the Church of England) is uniquely situated to emphasize the importance of both the insights of the Protestant Reformation and the riches of the catholic tradition.

The Anglican tradition contains riches that can benefit the global church! Anglicanism provides a beautiful vision of Christianity as a way of lifeā€”not just a list of beliefs, rules, or emotional experiences.

But there’s a problem.

Anglicanism can be confusing and contentious.

Perhaps you’ve experienced this firsthand. The Anglican tradition looks appealing from a distance but, up close, it can be quite messy.

And it’s been this way for quite some time. Over the centuries, Anglicans have spilled ink and shed blood trying to define what’s truly “Anglican” and what’s not. These days, you can ask a group of 10 Anglicans a question and receive 15 different answers!

It’s easy to find Anglican jargon and arguments out there, but it’s hard to find clear and charitable guides to the Anglican tradition.

It shouldn’t be this difficult to navigate such a rich and beautiful tradition!

There’s too much at stake!

We don’t want anyone to miss out on the riches of the Anglican tradition.

We don’t want to draw a blank when asked to explain Anglicanism to someone else.

We don’t want to get sucked into a strand of Anglican fundamentalism, without a healthy appreciation for Anglicanism’s diversity.

That’s where we come in! We help you navigate the Anglican tradition with clarity and charity.

Clarity: We’re committed to maintaining Christian orthodoxy (including a traditional sexual ethic) and communicating as clearly as possible.

Charity: We’re committed to loving others well (even/especially when we disagree with them) and only engaging with the strongest versions of their arguments.

We serve as leaders in the Anglican tradition because we’re convinced that Anglicanism has a lot to offer Christ’s global church. And we created Anglican Compass because we’re convinced that clarity and charity need to win out over confusion and contention.

We want what’s best for you and for the Church.

We don’t want you to be confused or frustrated by Anglicanism.

Instead, we want you to be able to competently and confidently navigate the Anglican tradition for the sake of Christ’s Church.

We can teach you how to enjoy the rhythms and stability of the Anglican tradition.

We can help you appreciate the diversity of the global Anglican Communion and the global Church.

If you resonate with this message, here’s how you can support Anglican Compass!

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Greg Goebel
Greg GoebelPresident
Greg founded our website. He is a priest in the Anglican Church in North America. He served in a non-denominational church before being called into the Anglican church in 2003. He has served as an Associate Pastor, Parish Administrator, and Rector. He currently serves as the Canon to the Ordinary for the Anglican Diocese of the South.
David Roseberry
David RoseberryPublisher
Canon David has over 35 years of local congregational ministry, diocesan and national involvement, leadership, and ministry experience. He is the founder of LeaderWorks, which publishes Anglican Compass. He was the founding Rector/Pastor of Christ Church in Plano, TX and he currently serves as Strategic Leader and Dean in the Diocese of C4SO.
Joshua Steele
Joshua SteeleManaging Editor
Josh is in charge of the day-to-day operations at Anglican Compass. He is a priest in the Anglican Church in North America, in the Diocese of C4SO, serving at Church of the Savior in Wheaton, IL. He is also a Ph.D. student at Wheaton College, writing his dissertation on how Karl Barth and Dietrich Bonhoeffer used the Bible to critique religion.

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